Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Party Outfit

Following on from my previous post about Christmas glitter nails, I thought I would do an outfit post showing you what I wore on the night of the Christmas Party. The good thing about my Christmas party being unusually early is so that I can help give you some ideas for how to dress for yours!

After a lot of online browsing looking for the perfect dress, I found an amazing dress on ASOS by Chi Chi London. I will let you look for yourself but the top has lovely gold detailing with a sweetheart neckline and capped sleeves. The skirt itself has netting underneath to give a fuller look.

Sorry I don't have a proper outfit photo but we all got ready in a rush to get to the party on time after work!


I paired the dress with a pair of cream and black peep toe heels I bought from Next last year and a black and gold clutch bag I bought from ASOS a few years ago. 

Christmas Makeup 

I went for the gold glittery eyes and classic red lip. I used the Nude on Nude Eyeshadow by NYX and also Barry M Glitter Dust in Silver and Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick to add shimmer to the eyes. I wanted a lip colour that would last for most of the night without me having to re-apply it every 10 minutes! I opted for my favourite red lip colour of all time by Bourjois in Framboise. It's a lovely matte red that lasts for the whole night! 

What kind of look will you go for at your Christmas party? 



Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personalised Chroma Notebook

I am very excited to have received my Personalised Notebook from Chroma Stationery in the post the other week!

I love how you can personalise your notebook from the colour, binding, page preferences and logo/quote on the face of it. This can all my done on their website. It has changed drastically since I last went on it to place my order and there are now many more colours available.

As if this hasn't enticed you enough, these notebooks are so affordable compared to a lot of personalised notebook services that I've experienced coming it at £7.50.

I think these would make great little stocking fillers as it's coming up to Christmas. I've seen ones where people have personalised it to have a motivational/inspiration quote on the front. That may have to be on my next order once I've used up this one.

I got mine in the colour Joanna - it's a lovely mint green, but leaning more towards the green side than I imagined it to be.

Let me know if you place an order with them! And also, it would be great if you have any good motivational quotes for me to put on the front of my next notebook!



Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Glitter Nails!

I've got my work Christmas Party this week and I've been gathering up lots of ideas for my outfit, makeup and nails etc. One thing that I seem to always over look and leave to the last minute is what colour to paint my nails! I thought I would be prepared this time and get the glitter top coat sorted, with 4 days to spare!

Here my top pics from Ciate:

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 

1. Snowglobe 

Such a pretty topcoat. It has different sized holographic glitter chunks that reminds me of shards of ice. 

2. Jingle Belle 

This would need to be applied with one of those funnel things that Ciate provide you with to apply over your nail varnish while it's still wet so the glitter stays put. It's got different coloured fine glitter, but the main colour is a corally orange shade. 

3. Confetti 

This is a simple silver fine glitter that can go over almost any colour nail varnish or layer it to get lovely festive silver nails! 

4. Party Shoes 

Another Holographic type circular glitter pieces varying in size that gives it a something extra, I think this may be the chosen one for my Christmas party to put over a red nail varnish. 

Will you be wearing glitter nail varnish this year? 



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to cope with your first Blogging Event!

I recently went to my first ever blogger event which Bloggers Love hosted at a bar/club called Kanaloa in London. It was from 4-8:30pm but I had to arrive around half 5 as I was going from work. I'm not usually shy about meeting new people and don't have a problem with making conversation, but I was so nervous that day! Walking into a room full of other bloggers seemed so daunting and Twitter suddenly seemed like such a better place to chat to other bloggers.

As I made my way there, I had to keep telling myself that this would be a good experience for me and that there's nothing to worry about and that it would be fine once I arrive.

And you know what? It was completely fine, more than fine, I loved it! I'm not going to lie, but walking into a room full of other people was definitely the hardest part of the night. But once I got talking to a lovely girl called Natalie, I felt a bit more at ease and started getting more into the flow of things.

There were lots of brands dotted around the space and they were all very approachable and very generous with giving their products away for us to try! I love how you can discover so many different brands by going to events like these.

My highlights were:

  • Obviously getting to meet other Bloggers after "meeting" them on Twitter
  • Getting to talk about skincare/beauty with so many like-minded people that were as excitable as I am about it! 
  • Receiving hair advice (and products!) from the Umberto Giannini team
  • Learning about new products on the market

If you are like me, and feel hesitant to go to your first Bloggers Event, I would definitely recommend to not think about it too much and just go! Life is too short to not get involved, and if it isn't for you, then at least you tried it. 

It was so lovely meeting Angie @chocandlipstick and Pao @paowong1

What were your first Blogger Event experiences like? Were you as nervous as I was?