Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Blogger made me buy it TAG

I have recently seen this tag going around and thought I would join in! Enjoy :) 

*Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?

I have been reading Viviannadoesmakeup's blog for a while now and the main reason for this is because she likes to wear very natural makeup like me. I don't tend to put on heavy foundation or lots of eye makeup - I like to complete the look with a nice lipstick :-). Her blog is beautifully designed and her blogposts aren't too long which makes them easy to read. Also, her swatch photos are really clear... I am sure she uses one of those big fancy cameras. Definitely.

Another blog that I trust the reviews of is frmheadtotoe. Her skin type seems to be quite similar to mine and we seem to have similar skin issues e.g. hyperpigmentation. So I love finding out what she uses for her skincare and also foundation recommendations.

*Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

If I see something I think I might like on a blog, I will always check it out in person and decide for myself whether it suits me or not. Sometimes for example, a lipstick looks great on someone but doesn't necessarily look great on me so it really depends. But I take skincare quite seriously and look up a lot of reviews online before purchasing it because I broke out one time when using Clinique products - never again! 

*What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I decided to give in to the hype about 2 or 3 years ago and bought the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish... Best decision yet! I am still using it today and must've gotten through about 10 tubes of the stuff (you can read my mini review of it in my previous post).

*What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

I read blogs for recommendations and inspiration. I usually read up on lots of reviews on the product and if the negative comments haven't scared me off yet... then I will take the plunge and buy the product! A long time ago, I bought an E.L.F. Lipstick in the colour Natural Nymph (this was when I was in the phase of nude lips - which does NOT suit me by the way). I can't remember which blog I read that recommended this as it was years ago but I ended up buying it online on the ELF website... the colour wasn't how I imagined and it was so chalky and dry that it made me look like a corpse. Sounds attractive right?

*Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs.

Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba - Essiebutton
Real Techniques Foundation Buffing Brush - Zoella
It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in product - FleurDeForce

*Have you ever given into blogger hype? If so, which hype?
I am proud to say that I still haven't given in to the hype of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes - none of them! Although I am really tempted to buy the first one... I am a sucker for nice packaging and I rarely use eyeshadow! But yes, at this point in time I haven't given in to this particular blogger hype... yet. 

*Have you ever avoided blogger hype? If so, which hype?
There have been a lot of blogger hypes that I have avoided but I do check it out for myself before making any judgements.

*Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?
These questions are getting quite repetitive now aren't they? I rarely buy anything without having checked out several reviews first. I wouldn't want to be spending money on something that I hate or just because of a hype!




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