Thursday, May 8, 2014

Calvin Klein Push Positive Bra Review - Comfortable push up bras?!

For those of you who are... smaller chested like me, you need this bra in your life! I stumbled upon it completely by accident and it was an impulse purchase. I have always found it difficult to find a bra that is comfortable AND enhances my "assets" - look no further, this is the one. It is the comfiest bra I have ever tried - so comfortable that it doesn't even feel like you are wearing one at all! If you don't believe me, try it on and see for yourself!

Who else finds that the underwiring of bras dig into you?! The Calvin Klein Push Positive Bra I have discovered has no wire whatsoever but manages to push everything up! It is definitely a pricey bra but I bought both of mine from House of Fraser and they are currently having a sale bringing it from £42 to £33 :-)

They do quite a few colours so take a look...

Happy shopping!




  1. I might need to give this a try! Thanks for the review!


    1. Thanks for reading! Checked out your blog just now and have discovered so many amazing asian products from you :-) xx