Monday, June 9, 2014

Dealing with exam stress!

I know that some of you will have exams coming up or are in the middle of them, and it really doesn't help that the sun is out! I, myself have just been studying for my exams that go towards my accountancy qualification and found it so difficult juggling revision and my full time job! So I thought I'd share some tips on how to de-stress during exam times but also feel productive and prepared for your upcoming exams! 

I'm no expert when it comes to revision but I have a few tips that I use to keep me calm as the exam date looms... 

Firstly, don't feel like you have to revise 24/7 with no breaks in hope that you will achieve your target grade, this will only make you more unproductive! Everyone's attention span varies but I like to set a target of hour and a half blocks where you fully concentrate on revision and then take a half an hour break before doing another hour and a half block of revision. 

Secondly, NO PHONES! This may be obvious but it made me so much more productive when I left my phone upstairs while I was revising downstairs. This meant that I didn't have any temptations of checking text messages, Instagram, twitter, read blogs... Etc. I only checked my phone during the break because you all know how easy it is to procrastinate on there! 

Thirdly, make time to relax. I either take a bath with a lovely Lush bath bomb, go out with friends or watch a TV show or your favourite film. It's important to relax your brain (obviously to a certain extent depending on how close your exams are!) and by doing so, you can come back to revision feeling refreshed!

Lastly, stock up on food and water. And no, I don't mean comfort eat! Being hungry or dehydrated will reduce your ability to concentrate as you're constantly thinking with your stomach! 

What tips do you have to de-stress during exams or stressful situations in general? 

Good luck for those of you who have exams coming up, you can do it!



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