Monday, July 21, 2014

I blame jetlag.

So firstly, I would like to apologise for my lack of posts for the last month. I spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong and then the other 2 weeks recovering from jet lag! I know it's not a valid enough reason but I hope that you'll be able to forgive me once you know what posts I've got in store for you! *Hint Asian beauty haul hint* 

Every time I visit Hong Kong, I get sucked into all the Asian cosmetics and get overwhelmed by the cute packaging and overly friendly staff in the shops. There are so many Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese brands over there that just aren't readily available here in the UK (without the hefty postage costs). That's why I take full advantage whilst I'm there. 

I have posts about Asian skincare and makeup lined up for this month and next, featuring brands such as Étude house, Republic, Missha and more... 

Come back in the next few days if you would like to read a review on the étude house sleeping pack. But for now, I'm going to let you enjoy the harbour view in Hong Kong. 




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