Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amaranto Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Park Lane




I went to Amaranto Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane, London at the weekend and it has quickly become one of my favourite restaurants. Firstly, the hotel is stunning and the all the staff are very friendly and helpful. Secondly, the food was AMAZING. Thirdly, we had a private dining room that was sectioned off of the main restaurant and it was great catching up with family and family friends. 

Starter: Kale and Beetroot Salad with seared Sea Bass and Quinoa. 
Main: Pan Fried Wild Sea Bass with Black Rice and Samphire. 
Dessert: Spiced Vanilla Cremeux (Poached Pear with Pear Sorbet)

I think my favourite course would have to be the starter - it made me feel healthy with all the kale and quinoa! The kale wasn't bitter at all and the Sea Bass had a slight sweetness to it with the way it was fried. Although I loved every single course and it seemed like I was in a real Sea Bass mood that night! 

I'm very impressed with the restaurant and would definitely go there again. If you like the sound of that menu, I would go soon as they seem to change their set menus quite often. 

Have any of you eaten here before? 



Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Discoveries


There's so many things you can read/do on the Internet, but sometimes you get stuck in a rut of going on the same websites, the same apps on your phone day after day. I'm talking about you Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! As much as I love them, I love exploring what else the app store/Internet has to offer.


I may be a bit late on the bandwagon with this one, but Hootsuite is a blogger friendly app. If you're anything like me and find it difficult to keep up with all your social media as a blogger - this is your saving Grace. You can link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and have all the notifications in one simple app. I only linked my Twitter and Facebook Page in this nifty app! As a blogger, you want to try and be active on as many Social Media Platforms as possible, this app basically allows you to send out a tweet and Facebook status all in one go if you're tied for time.


Vinted is basically an app where you can buy and sell clothes, only girls' clothes, sorry guys! If you're looking to sell your clothes, this is the place to go! It tells you exactly what your profit will be after fee deductions and how much to charge for P&P. I've had terrible experiences with eBay selling, but love buying on there!It is another one of my great discoveries thanks to Niomi on YouTube (please tell me I sent you to her YouTube page if you go and check her out or already know her! :-) ) In her YouTube video, she was saying how she bought branded (e.g. TopShop, River Island, Zara etc) clothes for a fraction of the price. I haven't bought anything on there before but I have a small collection of clothes to sell if you want to check out my profile here.

Emerald Street

I found out about this website whilst reading the Metro actually. It's another one of those websites where there's just so much to read - basically everything a girl would want to read! Varying from fashion & beauty to careers and things to do. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, going to the same bars and restaurants so it's nice to get some inspiration and ideas on where to go in London. You can also sign up to a daily newsletter that gets sent to your email - handy for reading on the train.

Free Prints

Last but not least, my friend recommended me to download this photo app where you can select photos from your phone and ask for them to be printed and sent to you. Do you know what the best thing is? The first 10 prints are completely free of charge - you have nothing to lose! And you get 45 free prints every month and all you have to pay for is postage which is only around £2. Are you sold yet? I've just ordered my 10 free prints so will update you on Twitter with how I get on with them. In this day and age, everyone has their photos stored on their phone or in digital format, and rarely do you go through them properly and reminisce back like we used to with our thick photo albums. I think this would be a good way to reflect back on the year.

Will you be trying any of my favourite discoveries this month?



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn


So that was it. Summer has been and gone and wow did we have some scorching heat here in London this year! Do any of you find that you get a bit bored at the end of a Season, or is that just me? Personally, I'm more than ready for Autumn. 

1. Cosy Clothes - by this I mean, cute jumpers, scarves, coats and not to mention boots. (I would say Bobble hats but hats really don't suit me!). 

2. You can finally say you want to stay in with a mug of hot chocolate and Netflix without feeling like a total party pooper! Come on, don't tell me I'm the only one?! 

3. Halloween parties - Perfect excuse to dress up and become someone else for one night. What did you dress up as? 

4. It's candle time - I love finding new candles to fill my room up with! So far, I've been loving the Yankie Candles but I want to branch out into others. I've seen Muji do cute little tinned candles for only £3.50 that I want to try out! 

5. Fairy lights - I can finally dust these off and put them back up as I feel they're more of a cosy night in kinda thing, rather than turning them on on long Summer days... It instantly makes your room/house so much cosier.

6. Wearing burgundy/maroon coloured clothing - I feel these colours shout the word AUTUMNAL very loud and clear. So far I have a burgundy jumper from H&M which I bought ages ago (sorry couldn't find the link!), a pleated burgundy skirt from H&M and a chiffon shirt from H&M

Those are my top favourite things about Autumn. I would love to hear about yours! 



Friday, September 19, 2014

The top five skincare rules I live by


I've learnt quite a few beauty tips and tricks over the years the hard way, so I thought I'd share my top five with you

1. Always take your make up off, no matter how tired you are! Trust me, you'll be thankful in the morning. There's nothing worse in than waking up with a makeup stained pillow. Not to mention, it's really bad for your skin if it hasn't had a chance to breathe all night!

2. Never tug around your delicate eye area. If you're putting on eye cream or concealer, pat gently with your ring finger and if you're  putting on eyeshadow, gently apply with an eyeshadow brush

3. Eye creams aren't just for when you get wrinkles! You need to prevent them as early on as possible. Start by using a hydrating one in your early 20s and then gradually move towards more rich anti-wrinkle eye creams over the years.

4. Never pop your pimples/spots. An obvious one. It's true that it leaves scars and takes longer to heal. Instead, use a cotton bud and apply tea tree oil to it to dry it out.

5. Don't wear makeup everyday. I know this is difficult sometimes, especially for me as I've got scars from previous spots. I started by not wearing any or minimal eye makeup and used BB cream instead of foundation as it's less clogging for your pores. Then I started using mineral foundation from BareMinerals, which provides loads of coverage like a foundation but is actually great for your skin!

I hope you've learnt something new in my blogpost and let me know which ones you agree with!



Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Little Box

It's official everyone. I'm in love... With the packaging of My Little Box. I'm a sucker for packaging and if something is packaged well, I will convince myself to like an "okay" product. However, this is definitely not the case - the packaging and products are spot on. There have been lots of little Beauty Box Subscriptions popping up everywhere for the past few years where you get a few small sized products from different brands, but this definitely tops all of the ones I've tried so far. I initially heard it from Fleur's blog post  and immediately went on their website. My Little Box originally launched in France but has just come to the UK this month!

Enough rambling from me and let's see what's inside... Not only can you receive beauty products, but you can also receive stationary, fashion and even accessories. Each box is themed and as you can see, beautifully packaged.

From L to R: Notebook | My Little Beauty Stylo Lumiere | Laura Merceir Foundation Primer | Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil

I am seriously impressed with my first box this month and can't wait for next month's one already. It's like Christmas every month now! We all know that French skincare are miracle workers so I'm definitely going to try these products to attempt to get their signature glow.

I don't want to ruin the experience of receiving your first My Little Box for you so I will leave it here and let you enjoy it! 

Which box is your favourite so far? 



Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tanya Burr lipgloss and nail polish review!



For a while now, I have been going into every Superdrug store I pass to look for Tanya Burr’s Cosmetics and I was disappointed everytime as they didn’t stock them. There had been so much hype  in the blogging world about it and the fact that a Youtuber/Blogger had launched her own makeup range was amazing! I wanted to see it in person first, as swatches online never quite look the same in real life.

I was passing a Superdrug one day thinking that they wouldn’t stock the Tanya’s products but what a surprise to find them on a little shelf just off the main make up aisle! I picked up a lipgloss (as I couldn’t decide on a nail polish) in the colour “Aurora”. She has given all lipglosses and nail polishes such cute names. A week or two ago, I ordered one of Tanya’s nail polishes "Be Bright. Be Happy. Be you" from feelunique.com as there was a 10% discount code.

I was so excited to try it out and I’d been hunting for a good bright pink one for a while. Let me tell you this… the nail polish formula is incredible. I was in a rush getting ready and was painting my nails while on the phone to a friend (as you do) and it’s so pigmented and applies with no streaks at all. You can get away with just one coat (as I didn’t have time for a topcoat!), which is what I’ve been doing and I’ve only had one tiny chip all week.

Onto the lipgloss… I sometimes find it difficult to find a pink lipgloss to show up on my lips as they are naturally quite pigmented. They either have to be really dark or really pale in colour (which is NOT a good look). This colour is perfect and so pigmented that you only really need one layer of this on your lips. I'm definitely going to try out the other colours! Maybe a bright lip colour will be next on my wish list. 

Which one is your favourite? 



#2 Obsession Series – SKIN EXFOLIATORS – Coreana


Recently, I have been too busy with life to have time to sit down for 30 minutes and enjoy a facemask… I know, I know, a girl should always find time but I am literally struggling to even find time for sleep! Anyway, the whole point of this post is to tell you about a new discovery – one that I don’t think I can live without now.

It’s the Coreana Premium Clean Solution Peeling Magic. I went into Sasa in Hong Kong asking for something that would renew my skin and give me a nice glow and this is what they recommended. I had never heard of the brand but it was 300 HKD for 2 tubes of it and she said it was the best selling exfoliant in Korea. Now, I’m not usually the one to believe the sales people in Hong Kong as they are often just trying to sell as much as possible! But for some reason, I decided to take her up on the offer and bought 2 tubes. Best decision ever.

It comes out as a gel formula and I put a pea sized amount onto my fingers and rub it gently into my face starting from the middle. It spreads smoothly onto the face and as you work it into your face, you get balls of dead skin come to surface which is such a good feeling!  I find it works best after you’ve removed all your make up and then patted your face dry with a towel. My face looks instantly brighter, clearer and you get a more even skin tone after using this about 3 times a week.

As for the smell, there is a slight fragrance but it’s nice and not too over powering. Considering this is a mild form of ‘acid peel’, it doesn’t really smell acidic which is always a plus!

If you’ve read my blog before, I’ve written a review on a similar product back in January which you can go and check out here. However, this is the much more affordable version which I think does a much better job at clearing my skin. 



Monday, September 1, 2014

Revlon Colorstay moisture stain review

I’ve been obsessed with these half lip gloss half lip stick wonders since they first hit the beauty market around the end of last year. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that anything that requires minimum fuss is perfect for me. I found that, in general lipsticks were too creamy or too dry and would slide off my lips within an hour and lipgloss just never lasted long enough before I licked it off my lips (wind + hair + sticky lipgloss was never a good look). It turns out that their child (The hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss that Revlon have created) is amazing. For those of you in the States, this is probably old news but it has only just recently come out in the UK which is exciting! 

The Revlon Colourstay Moisture stain is advertised as a "Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe". I can agree that it is very moisturising on the lips and is just the right amount of stickiness. It does a good job of staining my lips for the whole day. The colour I got to try out is Cannes Crush which is a pinky corally colour, which is a safe option for me. I always find it difficult to find corally lip products to show up on my lips as my lips are naturally quite pigmented. This was is no exception but it does give my lips a nice sheen and a slight hint of colour, which is great for an everyday lip. The brighter coloured ones like Barcelona nights (bright fuchsia) or Shangai sizzle (a bright red) would probably stain the lips more. 

Overall, I am loving the whole lipstain/gloss products that so many beauty brands seem to be jumping on the bandwagon! 

I have done product reviews of other lipstain glosses which you can read before deciding which one to buy. The Bourjois rouge edition matte lipstains are amazing and L'oreal L'Extraordinaire lipgloss stains have been my favourites ever since I bought them. If you're looking for something long lasting out of the 3 I've mentioned, go for the Bourjois lip. For those who haven't quite plucked up the courage to wear a full on bright lip (I've only just managed to recently!), then the L'oreal would be your best bet as you can sheer it out with your finger to your preference! Lastly, the Revlon Cannes Crush is great for an everyday wear. 

Have you tried these yet?