Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tanya Burr lipgloss and nail polish review!



For a while now, I have been going into every Superdrug store I pass to look for Tanya Burr’s Cosmetics and I was disappointed everytime as they didn’t stock them. There had been so much hype  in the blogging world about it and the fact that a Youtuber/Blogger had launched her own makeup range was amazing! I wanted to see it in person first, as swatches online never quite look the same in real life.

I was passing a Superdrug one day thinking that they wouldn’t stock the Tanya’s products but what a surprise to find them on a little shelf just off the main make up aisle! I picked up a lipgloss (as I couldn’t decide on a nail polish) in the colour “Aurora”. She has given all lipglosses and nail polishes such cute names. A week or two ago, I ordered one of Tanya’s nail polishes "Be Bright. Be Happy. Be you" from as there was a 10% discount code.

I was so excited to try it out and I’d been hunting for a good bright pink one for a while. Let me tell you this… the nail polish formula is incredible. I was in a rush getting ready and was painting my nails while on the phone to a friend (as you do) and it’s so pigmented and applies with no streaks at all. You can get away with just one coat (as I didn’t have time for a topcoat!), which is what I’ve been doing and I’ve only had one tiny chip all week.

Onto the lipgloss… I sometimes find it difficult to find a pink lipgloss to show up on my lips as they are naturally quite pigmented. They either have to be really dark or really pale in colour (which is NOT a good look). This colour is perfect and so pigmented that you only really need one layer of this on your lips. I'm definitely going to try out the other colours! Maybe a bright lip colour will be next on my wish list. 

Which one is your favourite? 




  1. Will definately check out the nail polish,the colour looks great and a lovely shade of pink,i usually use Rimmel but i like the look of this,thanks for the review Chelsea xx

    1. It's definitely worth trying! There's loads of other colours to choose from :) Thanks for reading :) xx

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