Friday, September 19, 2014

The top five skincare rules I live by


I've learnt quite a few beauty tips and tricks over the years the hard way, so I thought I'd share my top five with you

1. Always take your make up off, no matter how tired you are! Trust me, you'll be thankful in the morning. There's nothing worse in than waking up with a makeup stained pillow. Not to mention, it's really bad for your skin if it hasn't had a chance to breathe all night!

2. Never tug around your delicate eye area. If you're putting on eye cream or concealer, pat gently with your ring finger and if you're  putting on eyeshadow, gently apply with an eyeshadow brush

3. Eye creams aren't just for when you get wrinkles! You need to prevent them as early on as possible. Start by using a hydrating one in your early 20s and then gradually move towards more rich anti-wrinkle eye creams over the years.

4. Never pop your pimples/spots. An obvious one. It's true that it leaves scars and takes longer to heal. Instead, use a cotton bud and apply tea tree oil to it to dry it out.

5. Don't wear makeup everyday. I know this is difficult sometimes, especially for me as I've got scars from previous spots. I started by not wearing any or minimal eye makeup and used BB cream instead of foundation as it's less clogging for your pores. Then I started using mineral foundation from BareMinerals, which provides loads of coverage like a foundation but is actually great for your skin!

I hope you've learnt something new in my blogpost and let me know which ones you agree with!




  1. These are great tips! I completely agree with you about the importance of no makeup days now and then - I really like them too, it's nice for skin to breath :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Aww thanks Karen :) no make-up days are definitely the best where you feel the most natural! thanks so much for reading :) xx

  2. I think I struggle with the not wearing make-up every day thing, but I've started to try and relax more at the weekends and give my face a break! You look pretty flawless, so I'd happily follow your skincare advice! xx

    Sarah |

    1. Yeah I did too at first! But I gradually started wearing less and less makeup, it takes time but you will eventually feel comfortable in your own skin :) Aww thanks so much, that's really sweet of you to say! I have my flaws trust me but try and stick to a good skincare routine :)

      Thanks for reading xx