Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to deal with stress


Sometimes, everything can feel like it's getting a bit too much. 

When you feel like you have too many responsibilities or tasks that need to be completed, it can be overwhelming. It was after a recent breakup that I felt like I had to be constantly busy so I wouldn't have the time to feel sad or upset about reality. I threw myself into a world of constant busy-ness. While it was good on the one hand, by being a distraction, it has also caused me a lot of stress and constant worrying whether I will do everything on time.

When I start to feel like this, I try and take a step back (I know it's difficult!) and focus on the important things. There can be a lot of "noise", as in tiny small tasks that make you feel like you have LOTS to do.

I've come up with a few things that I tend to do when I'm feeling stressed:

1. Make lists, lists, lists! Having everything on paper will stop you from constantly thinking about what other things need to be done, and instead helps you focus on the current task.

2. Think about one task at a time. I know this is an obvious one, but I found that I used to jump from one thing to another without fully finishing it, meaning that I just ended up with loads of unfinished tasks.

3. Don't work yourself too hard. We're humans, not robots. Take a break. You'll come back more productive.

4. Take time out from your phone/laptop/tablet. As a blogger, my phone is constantly going off with Tweets, instagram messages, facebook messages... All sorts of social media! I don't like not replying to messages, and the more that build up, the more anxious I get if I haven't been able to reply to all of them. (Is this just me?). By turning off your phone and not looking at it, you don't have to worry about not replying to people meaning you can focus on your tasks.

5. Do something you love. This can be whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy. Such as yoga, a sport, spa, hanging out with friends. The options are endless! Forgetting about your the to-do list as long as your arm, for a few hours in the day is definitely beneficial.

I hope you've enjoyed my tips on how to deal with stress. Feel free to tweet me @itschelsea_ if you want more advice :)



Monday, October 27, 2014

Things to do in Paris

I just got back from a weekend away in Paris and couldn't wait to share some photos with you all. Paris is a beautiful City with amazing wine and food. What more do I need to say?

Just a heads up that this post will be quite photo heavy but I hope you don't mind as there are some stunning sights that I visited whilst I was over there.

My friend and I stayed in a hotel called Secret de Paris, it was on a deal on and the hotel is stunning. It has less than 30 rooms but it was only a few minute walk away from Place de Clichy metro station which we realised was quite close to Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées. The staff were friendly and we were recommended two amazing restaurants on both evenings by them.

If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love Le Coq – it’s a swanky restaurant just opposite the Eiffel Tower, right by Trocadero station. Me and my friend went there after a cruise along the Seine and the food was delicious. This restaurant is definitely on the pricier side (around 50 Euros each) but it was worth it for an experience of real French food.

The other restaurant was called Chez Toinette – it’s hidden down a little street off the main road where the Moulin Rouge is and at first, it feels like you’re walking into someone’s front room, it’s that small! But the food was so delicious, a real homemade food kind of feeling. The staff were so friendly and made you feel welcome. This one was slightly cheaper but still around 40 Euros each.

I don’t know about you, but I could live off of French food and drink good wine. If anyone knows of any nice French restaurants in London, please let me know!

A few tips that I learnt whilst travelling in Paris:

·        Get the EuroStar! We decided to fly to Paris as it was the cheaper option, but ended up wasting a lot of time getting into the City when we got to the airport. It took about 40 minutes by train to get to Gare de Nord and from there, we had to take the Metro. It felt like a struggle with all our luggage!
·        Buy the 10 Metro passes for 13 Euros. This is so much easier, each ticket can be used unlimited amount of times for an hour.
·        Download the TripAdvisor App onto your phone and download the Paris Map, this can be used without any 3G which is so much handier than opening up a A2 sized map in the middle of the street!

I hope you found those tips useful… I’ll leave you with some photos that I took whilst I was there.

As we both hadn't been to Paris before, we went full on with the touristy attractions! I'd like to visit the hidden sights of Paris next time I go... Where would you recommend? 



Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 things to do on a night in.


Winter is coming... Which means you can look forward to cosy nights in (inbetween parties of course). I really cherish having nights in as it doesn't happen that often between now and the end of December so I thought I'd share what I get up to on my nights in.

1. Have a bubble bath. I love going to Lush to buy something I can look forward to use in the bath and just have a huge pamper session.

2. Make a hot chocolate. With whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles - the whole shebang!

3. Turn off your phone. It's nice to take a break from calls/texts just for a few hours as we spend so much of the day on it. Well, I do anyway. iPhones are addictive.

4. Watch your favourite TV shows. My guilty pleasures include TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.. Don't judge me for watching trashy TV! I'm also loving The Apprentice at the moment. Pretty Little Liars is also a great one to watch if you're into slightly thriller but also a girly TV show.

5. Catch up on YouTube videos and Blog posts. I find that a lot of my inspiration for my blog comes from reading other blogs that give me ideas.

I hope you've found this interesting! What do you usually do on your night ins?



Monday, October 20, 2014

Missguided Top Picks - Party Dresses

We are finally on the countdown to Christmas.... I mean, Halloween... Ahem. Who else is excited for party season to start? I've selected 5 dresses from Missguided that I'm loving the styles of at the moment in preparation for party season. They're all very different in style so hopefully there's a dress to cater for everyone's taste.

I'm into quite simple plain dresses at the moment that don't have that much of a pattern because you can keep it very understated, or add a bit of jewellery to dress it up.


This dress looks so elegant but sexy at the same time. I love that the top half is very covered up but the slit in the skirt makes it a little different. I just need to find an occasion to wear this to... 

Such a simple dress but the off the shoulder sleeves and the sweetheart neck line makes it into such a cute dress. I would pair this with black heels, red lips and a fun coloured clutch! 

This isn't usually a dress I would go for but the pattern and colour drew me in. It's different to any dress that I've owned. As this is quite dressy, I would wear this to a bar on a girl's night out with white heels and a white clutch. 

Another simple black dress which I just loved the look of while I was scrolling down the Missguided website. I like the gold detail which really cinches in the waist. 


This dress can be dressed down with flat boots and a leather jacket for a more casual look or dressed up with heels. I've been loving the scalloped detailing as it makes a difference to the look of an outfit. 

What are your picks from Missguided? 



Monday, October 13, 2014

Dealing with Trust issues & being let down.


Trust is a very sensitive subject and I can probably speak for everyone that at some point in their life, their trust has been broken. I'm not here to be bitter or cynical about the entirety of the human race (bit of an exagerration?!) but I am here to hopefully try and help you try and overcome these unfortunate situations if it ever comes to it.

Being only 23, I am in no way an oracle of this topic but I've had my fair share of having my trust completely and utterly broken and have been left feeling so upset and angry which has ended up affecting my other relationships with people because I'm scared that everyone is going to do the same. I end up putting up a barrier of self defense up to protect myself from being hurt again.

The saying "innocent until proven guilty" still applies but it does come with warning labels. It is difficult for me to completely trust someone now but I'm working on it. If you don't have high expectations from someone, such as your boyfriend, girlfriend or friend, then you can't possibly be let down right? But we are all human and of course we have expectations. Just realise that no one is perfect and everyone, including yourself has the ability to let someone down or break someone's trust.

There are a few things that I do to try and overcome my trust issues which I hope might be useful to some of you:

  • Try not to let past relationships affect your new ones - easier said than done. There ARE some good people out there, you just need to find them! 
  • Try and forget past relationships and don't dwell on the bad parts, but think of what you have learnt from it instead. 
  • Once the trust has been broken, it is very difficult to get back to where you originally were in the relationship even if you are both more than willing to forgive and forget. It may be easier to just leave now rather than prolong the pain, only to have the same ending further down the line. Obviously everyone has different circumstances but I think this can be applied to the majority.

Who of you reading this can put your hand up to say that you've never had your trust broken by someone you 100% trusted? If you are in that category, you're so lucky!

This was a bit of a sad post... Normal beauty/fashion posts will resume this week!

What other advice can you offer on this topic? I would love to hear from you.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Liebster Award!

Firstly, I would like to thank Hollie for nominating me for “The Liebster Blog Award”, I wasn’t expecting it at all! I’m so happy that people take the time to read and comment on my blog. I’m so glad I “met” Hollie when I attended my first Twitter blog chat the other week and she’s so sweet!

I had never heard of the Liebster Award until Hollie nominated me last week so I did a bit of research and I think it’s great that you can see other bloggers being so supportive of each other. The idea is that once you’ve been nominated, you answer a set of questions and nominate at least 5 other bloggers with less than 3000 followers that you think should be nominated. 

So after following Hollie’s rules for this, here are my answers to the questions!

1.      What are your top 3 bloggers and why?

I always scroll through my Bloglovin feed when I wake up in the morning and I pick the blogs I want to read based on an eye catching photo or blog title. I've been trying to cut back on spending recently so have been reading up on Fee's  (Makeup Savvy) money saving tips! Another one is One Slice of Lemon's blog where she recently wrote a post on how to save money

2. What drives you? 

We all experience days where we feel a bit down about where we are in life and how we’re going to achieve our life goals. But I think we all need to take a step back sometimes realise that things don’t just come at the click of a finger, or instantly – no matter how hard you try. When I’m experiencing these days, I find taking a step back and focusing on what makes you happy is really the key. Once I've calmed myself down, I sometimes find scrolling through motivational quotes on Pinterest really helps You can check out the motivational quotes I've pinned here. 

3. What little thing makes you happy?

As cliche as this sounds, I love being around friends and family and just be around the people who really care about you. It's important not to get lost in your career/life goals and forget those around you. On a less "deep" note, cosy nights in (as it's now practically winter in London!) and watching a good film is also something that makes me happy. Oh, how could I forget shopping? Shopping makes me happy. 

4. What is your dream job/ personal goal?

My dream job would be something beauty/fashion/social media related. Hence the blogging! I really love telling anyone and everyone about products I'm loving or giving tips that I've learnt through experiences. Obviously there's only a small handful of you who actually read my blog but my goal would be to expand that and help a lot more people with beauty/life related topics. 

5. Do you have a favourite food?

I think I could go on forever about food... I try and be pretty healthy but definitely have one too many cheat days where I just indulge in anything and everything! My weakness is probably chips. I crave them every time after a night out. Is anyone else the same? I also love going to fine dining restaurants I've never been to before to experience the atmosphere as well as the amazingly presented food. I recently went to the Amaranto Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane, London. I honestly think that this is one of my favourite restaurants.Just look at the food on my blog! 

6. What is your favourite beauty brand? (makeup or facial care, or hair etc)

This question is basically like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. It's just unfair and frankly, impossible. I am a strong believer in splashing out on skincare though as this is the base for all your makeup, meaning you can spend less on makeup (not sure how cost efficient that is but, hey!). A few skincare brands that I use are Shiseido, Liz Earle and Etude House. Hair care... you will have to wait for my blogpost coming up about what I use on my hair! Makeup: Missha BB Cream, BareMinerals, Etude House, Bourjois. 

My nominations... One Slice of Lemon, Makeup by Jake J, Life x Emporium, Chelsea Marrs & The Brown Eyed Fox. All their blogs are amazing!

Who will you nominate?



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Festive bath products from Lush!

Sparkly Pumpkin

So I accidentally fell into the Lush shop after work... And I'm proud of myself for managing to restrain myself to just 3 things. The Halloween/Christmas products have already come out and there were so many things that I wanted. The one good thing about cold weather means more baths and more shopping trips to Lush! I decided to go for things that I'd never tried before, although they're the scents that I would usually go for - sweet.

Magic Wand
This is such a cute idea - you're supposed  to swish the magic wand in your bath to create bubbles. You can probably tell from the colour of it that it smells just like sweets. I literally can't wait to use this.

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar
CAUTION - this is extra glittery! An explosion of glitter landed all over my bathroom floor when I took it out of the paper bag. I haven't used it yet so I'm not sure if you will end up looking like a disco ball afterwards but it's okay, it smells amazing. It says it's got juniperberry (never heard of this!), lime and grapefruit oils in it so it smells lovely and citrussy.

Yog Nog soap
This smells good enough to eat! it's a very sweet honey sort of scent which contains soya yogurt and ylang ylang essential oils which you just rub all over your body. The description on the Lush website says it smells spicy but I can't smell that at all.

I think I may have to make a second trip quite shortly...

What have you been loving from their festive range?



Monday, October 6, 2014

September Beauty Favourites!

As we step into October, it truly is Autumn now. Not going to lie, my thick wooly scarf and winter coat did make an appearance last week! 

Although I've been sporting a "no make-up" make-up look these days, I feel that when the weather gets colder, it's more acceptable to wear more make-up i.e. bolder lip colours, more mascara and more eyeshadow. Obviously I don't cake on as much makeup as humanly possible.

Here are the products that I've been LOVING this September.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish in 02 Frambourjoise
I've written a full review of this previously on my blog so I won't bang on about it too much but this just transforms your whole makeup look. It's a bold lip that you won't budge if you do the whole apply one layer and then dab and then apply another layer (you know the drill...). It stays put for the whole day even after I'd had several drinks but not food, but come on, no lip product would be able to survive that, let's be realistic here. Please give this a go!

Etude house Drawing Eyebrow pencil
I've never really been too bothered about my eyebrows, until I picked up this up from Etude House. It's just a double ended eyeshadow dark brown pencil. I usually brush through the hairs quickly before applying the pencil gently in small strokes. It's a twist up pencil which makes it so much easier because you don't have to faff about with finding a sharpener. I then brush through my brows again to make it look more natural.

Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact
This translucent powder transforms your whole skin texture and makes it looks so much smoother and flawless... Do I need to say anymore?! I apply this after applying BareMinerals foundation powder and the finishing powder makes my foundation last the whole day.

Bourjois Mineral Radiance Eclat Mineral 07 Hale
I've had this pressed powder for a while now and I used to love it but then somehow forgot about it while I was busy trying out new products. I rediscovered it while tidying my makeup collection and I couldn't be happier! This shade is obviously a lot darker than my natural skin tone but I use it more like a bronzer and apply it mainly to my cheeks and then lightly over my whole face (I can get slightly carried away when applying this!) It gives you such a nice glow and I definitely need it when my skin gets duller in the colder months!

Blush Palette (Bargain eBay purchase!)
I can't remember which blog made me want to instantly buy this from eBay, but it's definitely one of the best things I've bought from eBay by far. I've used it every day in September and because there are 10 colours to choose from, it's so versatile. There's 3 matte shades and the rest are slightly shimmery, but nothing that isn't wearable during the day. For £3, the blushes last very well and aren't too powdery.

What have you been loving?