Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to deal with stress


Sometimes, everything can feel like it's getting a bit too much. 

When you feel like you have too many responsibilities or tasks that need to be completed, it can be overwhelming. It was after a recent breakup that I felt like I had to be constantly busy so I wouldn't have the time to feel sad or upset about reality. I threw myself into a world of constant busy-ness. While it was good on the one hand, by being a distraction, it has also caused me a lot of stress and constant worrying whether I will do everything on time.

When I start to feel like this, I try and take a step back (I know it's difficult!) and focus on the important things. There can be a lot of "noise", as in tiny small tasks that make you feel like you have LOTS to do.

I've come up with a few things that I tend to do when I'm feeling stressed:

1. Make lists, lists, lists! Having everything on paper will stop you from constantly thinking about what other things need to be done, and instead helps you focus on the current task.

2. Think about one task at a time. I know this is an obvious one, but I found that I used to jump from one thing to another without fully finishing it, meaning that I just ended up with loads of unfinished tasks.

3. Don't work yourself too hard. We're humans, not robots. Take a break. You'll come back more productive.

4. Take time out from your phone/laptop/tablet. As a blogger, my phone is constantly going off with Tweets, instagram messages, facebook messages... All sorts of social media! I don't like not replying to messages, and the more that build up, the more anxious I get if I haven't been able to reply to all of them. (Is this just me?). By turning off your phone and not looking at it, you don't have to worry about not replying to people meaning you can focus on your tasks.

5. Do something you love. This can be whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy. Such as yoga, a sport, spa, hanging out with friends. The options are endless! Forgetting about your the to-do list as long as your arm, for a few hours in the day is definitely beneficial.

I hope you've enjoyed my tips on how to deal with stress. Feel free to tweet me @itschelsea_ if you want more advice :)




  1. These are all great tips. I feel like I'm always stressed and I know it's bad for my health, so I have to make an extra effort to de-stress and relax. I agree that lists are a great way to prioritize tasks, and taking time for what you love is SO important. Blogging is something I love, but the constant computer use isn't always the best- so reading is the next best thing for me :)

    from the desk of j

    1. I'm glad you like my tips, hopefully it can help you :) I agree that we spend too much time in front of the computer nowadays, it's good to have time away and not be reliant on it! x