Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Glitter Nails!

I've got my work Christmas Party this week and I've been gathering up lots of ideas for my outfit, makeup and nails etc. One thing that I seem to always over look and leave to the last minute is what colour to paint my nails! I thought I would be prepared this time and get the glitter top coat sorted, with 4 days to spare!

Here my top pics from Ciate:

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 

1. Snowglobe 

Such a pretty topcoat. It has different sized holographic glitter chunks that reminds me of shards of ice. 

2. Jingle Belle 

This would need to be applied with one of those funnel things that Ciate provide you with to apply over your nail varnish while it's still wet so the glitter stays put. It's got different coloured fine glitter, but the main colour is a corally orange shade. 

3. Confetti 

This is a simple silver fine glitter that can go over almost any colour nail varnish or layer it to get lovely festive silver nails! 

4. Party Shoes 

Another Holographic type circular glitter pieces varying in size that gives it a something extra, I think this may be the chosen one for my Christmas party to put over a red nail varnish. 

Will you be wearing glitter nail varnish this year? 




  1. I love a bit of glitter at Christmas time! That's so early to have a Christmas party though! Suppose it keeps the festive spirit going. Outfit post for the night? xx

    Sarah |

    1. Yeah it's very early but we all had a great time! It got the ball of festivities rolling!! :) I am actually going to post my outfit for the night tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. :) xx