Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personalised Chroma Notebook

I am very excited to have received my Personalised Notebook from Chroma Stationery in the post the other week!

I love how you can personalise your notebook from the colour, binding, page preferences and logo/quote on the face of it. This can all my done on their website. It has changed drastically since I last went on it to place my order and there are now many more colours available.

As if this hasn't enticed you enough, these notebooks are so affordable compared to a lot of personalised notebook services that I've experienced coming it at £7.50.

I think these would make great little stocking fillers as it's coming up to Christmas. I've seen ones where people have personalised it to have a motivational/inspiration quote on the front. That may have to be on my next order once I've used up this one.

I got mine in the colour Joanna - it's a lovely mint green, but leaning more towards the green side than I imagined it to be.

Let me know if you place an order with them! And also, it would be great if you have any good motivational quotes for me to put on the front of my next notebook!




  1. Ohhh cute! Who doesn't love a great notebook? Such a good price as well, might have to treat myself to one! xx

    Sarah |

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